"If you Live to Love, you will Love to Live" Kimberley

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About Kimberley


My parents relocated here in Florida when I was three years old. All I remember is living in Florida; as these are my very first memories of life. When anyone asks if I am a native to Florida, I answer "yes" as I feel Florida adopted me.

My family moved to the Plant City, Dover area as migrant workers and, picking strawberries at the well-known Parksdale Strawberry Farm. My Dad, also a welder, was a very hard worker and my Mother a devoted "Stay at Home Mom" & Wife...Later Mom & Dad added my Sister & Brother and we lived very poor but my parents were committed to making a better life for us and eventually my Dad landed a blue collar job as a Press Operator with, known company at the time, Alumax. This is where he later retired.

Desperate to get out on my own I did make some mistakes and married at a very early age of 18yrs and had two children by the age of 21yrs. However the marriage did not last as I had to flee a very abusive relationship with my two wonderful little boys. This left me having to depend on others until I could get onto my own two feet but that is exactly what I did. I worked full time waitressing at Ponderosa and went to school full time to obtain my Respiratory Degree.

My Respiratory Degree led me to work at St Joseph's Hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and where I met my baby girl & current extraordinary husband! The love of my life and my best friend. We have now been married now for 23yrs and have raisedl 3 wonderful children. It wasn't all "peaches and cream" as my husband and I are interracial and had to educate our family, friends, colleagues and children along the way. But to be honest with you, it wasn't a struggle as we have surrounded ourselves around amazing people and "God's Village" helped us every step of the way. (I am now a G-Maw with a vibrant grandbaby boy, just amazing)

I later became a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Broker for 18+yrs. I tell everyone I was here before it was good, while it was incredible and stood strong when it collapsed. Currently I am part owner of _________ (story to follow once complete). I am not someone who gives up or puts my precious limited time into anything inefficient; Personal or Business!!!

My faith in God is what keeps me centered and the basis of everything I do, I am or I will ever become. I truly believe that our good deeds do go down to our offspring so I am planting my crop.

The reason I have decided to add this venture to my portfolio is because I do believe it to be a way to helps those who do not have the access or family support. There is enough monies in this world for all of us and there is no reason you, your family, your friends and your offspring don't deserve to be given the resources to better yourselves.  I am here to share the "Real Secrets of Wealth" with you TODAY. All you have to do is desire & execute the knowledge and tools that I share with you!!!

Stand beside me on this journey, I strive to never let you down and to each and every day to build you up!!!

"My Promise to You!!!"

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." MLK, Jr